The people around us
are immeasurably precious to us.
An extraordinary team of individuals
whose passion, talent, know-how,
exprerience and ideas,
give their own unique trademark
to every project.

…… every project.

I was born with my twin brother on the 14th of September, 1967. Month of the wine harvest, and of the ploughing and sowing of the fields. Something which perhaps explains my bond with the land and its crops, and my love for the ambrosian gifts of Greek nature. My Cretan heritage, and the principles I inherited from my parents have endowed me with priceless values: respect for my fellow men and a jovial and sociable spirit.

My teenage years were spent in Alexandria in Egypt, a melting pot of civilizations, people and tongues .It is there that I learnt to respect diversity, and to understand the potential and power to be attained through the unique combination of the parts, to create a true whole which then has the ability to complete its function and attain maximum capacity.

I studied Pharmacology in Athens where I delved deep into the elements, composition and the functions of chemical reactions and the effect they have on people and everyday life. My military service which followed, at the Emergency-Intensive care in the hospital of the Greek Airforce, taught me compassion, made me realize how much we really need each other and initiated me to the real meaning of humanitarianism in practice.
An experience which also proved invaluable for the exchange of ideas and knowledge with Journalists accomplished in the art of taste.

A combination of interest in Commerce and the aptitude I had now attained for taste, subsequently led me to post graduate studies in Marketing at Leicester University. There I had the opportunity to expand a unique concept of promotion and problem solving, focusing on methodology and well grounded arguments.

Since I first began in 1989 to be involved in the art of wine and wine-tasting, not only have I been initiated into the true magic of the vine and the olive, but through a long list of experiences with different people in varied cultures, I have also come to know my own self better. And more especially since my wife entered my life, I have found inner peace and the strength to accomplish things that I didn’t even dare to dream in the past.

Today, the essence of this trajectory is epitomized with the founding of Manolis Food Project whose intention it is to fill a huge gap in the market. There are many excellent producers, but the appropriate promotion and communication tools for the very fine and innovative work and products they have been producing, have been sadly lacking. It is my objective to transfuse this personal experience with a talented team to help the producers create new levels of communication with the consumer, both in Greece and world-wide.

I hope that this effort will motivate more like-minded people so that more remarkable products take the place they deserve.

Manolis Giamniadakis
Manolis Food Project CEO