The Land of Greece. Unique and blessed.
There where the eternal flame flame of the Sun
gives life
and where the Land nurtures the seed
and cultivates miracles.
There where Water,
he translucent sculptor of the land,
whets and irrigates our memory.
And the Wind,
which offers a perpetual sigh to caress the
collective spirit
and fills our breath with stars.

Greece.. A land of gifts.
Bestowed with wine, olive oil,
Greek Nature’s best offerings.
Full of authenticity, tradition and love.

It is the seed of this land
that we wish to cherish
and serve
and share with the world,
within our own country,

but also with the entire world.


Wine is one of the few Greek products that have acquired a reputation of quality not only within the domestic market but also internationally. Greece, a primarily vine-growing country, even since prehistoric times, has made a long journey to become the contemporary wine-making country which it is today, not just by modernizing the cultivation and wine-making process, but also by reviving and saving indigenous varieties, whilst managing to keep the characteristics of highest quality and exquisite potential.
Thanks to individual but also collective efforts in the field, Greek wine has become much more appreciated by the specialists and those who influence opinions. But it has yet to be adequately communicated to the consumers. The time for this is NOW. Now that the market is properly “ripe” to receive this, much more than in the past, and it can judge and absorb much better those who will be presented and promoted in the best way.


During recent years, olive oil has seen its sales explode, especially in new markets, a fact that is due to the popularization of a more healthy style of eating, worldwide.
The Greek producers have invested in this national treasure and the quality, with new crops, new cultivating methods, the modernization of oil-presses, new facilities for standardization, the spread of organic farming etc. So it’s only natural that those producers wish to communicate all this abroad. Now that the labeled olive oil is seeing an enormous rise in demand, is the right time for them to become established, reaping first the fruit of the new markets.